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Review: 8Bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless Controller With Charging Dock – well-built, budget-friendly with minimal input lag

Unbiased review of 8-bit dough’s Ultimate C Budget Controller’s compatibility, design, features, and performance... Read more

Review of 8Bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless Controller With Charging Dock

Table of Contents

Test of 8Bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless Controller With Charging Dock

4.5/5 - (1212 votes)

Cena: $38.85


  • Affordable price point
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Solid grip and weight
  • Analog triggers and Xbox button layout
  • Excellent retro-inspired d-pad
  • Turbo feature programming


  • Not compatible with Nintendo Switch or iOS
  • Non-detachable built-in wire
  • Dead zones on control sticks
  • Cannot remap controls
  • No Bluetooth support on wireless version

“After extensive use and assessment, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Ultimate C Budget Controller by 8-bit dough offers stellar value for its price. While it might not have the ‘fancy bells and whistles’ of pricier alternatives, the robust construction, comfortable grip, satisfactory button response, and minimal input lag make it a commendable choice for casual gamers. It may not suit iOS or Nintendo Switch users due to compatibility limitations, and the detectable dead zones on the sticks might irk some. Still, as a budget-friendly, well-built controller that serves its purpose quite efficiently, I believe it’s worth considering.”

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In the vast sea of gaming accessories, there’s a product that has caught my attention – the Ultimate C Budget Controller from 8-bit dough. Considering the number of options available in the market, it can indeed be a challenge to find a trustworthy controller that doesn’t puncture your wallet. Well, this might be it. Let’s delve deep into a hands-on review to examine if it’s really the “ultimate” budget controller as its name suggests.

Providing Context

In the interest of full disclosure, it’s critical to mention that this controller came in free of charge from 8-bit dough. Now, before we jump into the controller’s features, let me assure you that the opinions you’re about to read are entirely my own. There has been no payment or review of this article from third parties before it went live. So, we get to explore this product together, detailing the pros and cons, from a critical and fair perspective.

Synopsis: 8Bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless Controller With Charging Dock

Cost and Design

  • Ultimate C controller offers affordability and quality
  • Available in both wired and wireless models
  • Color customization and standard USB-A connection

It’s time to dive into the nitty-gritty of the cost and design of the Ultimate C budget controller from 8-bit dough. Speaking from experience, it’s always a pleasant surprise when cost-effectiveness meets design standards in a gaming controller, and this one seems to identify with that trend.

The Impressive Price Point Aligns with the Wired and Wireless Options

If you’re like me, then the price tag of a gaming controller matters a lot. But with the Ultimate C budget controller, ‘budget’ is precisely the operative word here. The wired model comes in at a pocket-friendly price point of $20, which makes it an affordable bet for casual gamers. Additionally, for those who prefer wireless controllers, the extra ten bucks for that feature seems like a reasonable hike. The opportunity to choose between wired and wireless at such a small price difference is a nice touch, paving the path for player preference.

A Close Look at the Controller’s Color Options and Built-In Wire

When it comes to aesthetics and a touch of personalization, we all love a splash of color, don’t we? The wired version of the Ultimate C controller offers two vibrant shades of purple and green which add a funky yet classic twist. However, the cable is built-in, which means you don’t have the option to replace it with a longer one. Fortunately, the provided cable length of six feet seems adequate for most gaming setups.

Worth noting though, is the fact that it only has a standard USB-A connection, not a USB-C. So, in case you’re dealing with a device that only supports USB-C, you might need an adapter, a factor that could be improved upon in the design. Even so, these slight setbacks don’t necessarily overshadow the budget controller’s overall value proposition.


To sum it up, its cost and design are potentially its biggest selling points. The Ultimate C budget controller goes to show that “affordable” can also be synonymous with “good quality design”. There are a few quirks, yes, but it hits the mark where it counts for many potential users such as casual gamers.

Remarks on 8Bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless Controller With Charging Dock


  • Controller supports Windows PCs and X/Direct Input devices
  • Doesn’t support Nintendo Switch or Apple devices

As a seasoned gamer always in search of the latest and best in gaming tech, I was exhilarated at the chance to test out the Ultimate C Budget Controller by 8-bit dough. So, when it comes to compatibility, let’s start off with the good news.

Highly Versatile

This gaming controller is highly versatil1e. It supports Windows PCs and most devices that are capable of supporting X-Input and Direct Input. This compatibility range opens up a world of possibility for how and where it can be used. Whether you’re into console gaming, PC gaming, or mobile gaming, this controller has got you covered.

Notably Incompatible Devices

However, surprisingly, it doesn’t work with all devices out there. The controller does not support the Nintendo Switch or Apple devices like iPads and iPhones. This was a bit of a letdown considering the popularity of these platforms among gamers. A controller at this price point with such exclusions was somewhat unexpected.

Bottom line

In conclusion, while the Ultimate C Budget Controller does have a significant range of compatibility, there are notable exceptions. If your primary gaming platforms are Nintendo Switch or Apple devices, this product might not be the best fit for you. But for those using Windows PCs and other devices supporting X input and Direct Input, this controller presents a cost-effective option that accommodates your needs.

Reflection on 8Bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless Controller With Charging Dock

Build and Weight

  • Controller has commendable build quality and comfort
  • Offers well-balanced weight and grip for long gaming sessions
  • Build quality and weight balance enhance its appeal

One of the first things that struck me about this budget controller was the commendable build quality. As soon as I held the controller in my hands, I could tell it was designed with comfort and usability in mind.

Complimenting the Robust Build Quality: a Review on Touch and Feel

Given the controller carries a ‘budget’ tag, I was honestly taken aback by its quality. The construction is top-notch, and contrary to what you might expect at this price point, it does not look or feel cheap by any means.

The controller’s plastic body feels sturdy and high-grade. What’s more interesting is that it doesn’t creak or make any irritating sounds when handled, a notable distinction from other controllers in a similar price range. This tells us a lot about 8-bit dough’s quality assurance.

The Comforting Grip and Weight Details

The controller has a rather comfortable grip owing to the strategically designed texture on the back. It fits neatly and securely into the hands, ensuring extended gaming sessions remain comfortable. And let’s not overlook the device’s weight. The Ultimate C Budget Controller weighs in at 240 grams (or just under nine ounces), making this controller light enough for long gaming sessions without causing fatigue. The weight is well-balanced, another sign of thoughtful design and robust build quality.

However, I do have a word of caution regarding the grip. Although it felt comfortable overall, every individual has their unique preference and hand size. Hence, it might feel different for everyone.

To end on a positive note, all said, the Ultimate C Budget Controller scores highly when it comes to build quality and weight balance, which undoubtedly enhances its appeal amongst gamers who are on a budget but refuse to compromise on build quality.

Highlight: 8Bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless Controller With Charging Dock

Controller Features

  • Ultimate C Budget Controller has Xbox layout and analog triggers
  • Supports both X input and Direct input modes.
  • Cannot switch modes when connected.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s delve deeper into what makes the Ultimate C Budget Controller unique – its features.

Button Layout and Analog Triggers

One of the first things you’ll notice when holding this 8-bit dough controller is its typical Xbox layout. If you’re accustomed to Xbox controls, you’ll feel right at home. If you’re new to it, fret not as it’s intuitive and user-friendly.

I was particularly impressed with the presence of analog triggers . They present a wonderful range of motion, emulating the feel of more high-end controllers wonderfully. The feedback is tactile, adding to the gameplay experience.
Nevertheless, the positioning of the D-pad and its impact on the gaming experience keeps me on the fence.

Switching Between X Input and Direct Input Mode

Compatibility is the name of the game when dealing with modern controllers. Here, our controller does shine. It supports X input and direct input, making it compatible with a wide range of devices.

You’ll find that it defaults to X input mode, which is a boon if you’re connecting to Windows computers. However, switching to Direct input mode requires a little trick. Upon plugging it into your device, hold down the B button to activate direct input mode. Conversely, to revert it back to X-input, simply hold down the X button when you re-connect. It’s important to note that the controller doesn’t allow for mode switches while connected, making this feature somewhat less versatile. When correctly connected, you’ll see a solid light around the 8-Bit dough button.

As I navigated through its features, I appreciated how close the Ultimate C Budget Controller comes to emulating the feel of premium controllers. However, its inability to switch modes once connected might affect the versatility for some users.

Appraisal of 8Bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless Controller With Charging Dock

Performance Experience and Dead Zones

  • Overall good feel but dead zones are an issue
  • Dead zones minimised, but not eliminated, by button combination
  • May be less sensitive than optimal for avid gamers

Jumping into the gambit of gaming with this ultimate budget gadget from 8-bit dough brought on unique experiences. The controller got me intrigued mainly because of its compatibility and price point, so I tilted my cap towards getting a first-hand experience with it.

Diving into the Experience of Using the Controller: The Hits and Misses

Starting off, the using feel was quite good – responsive buttons, firm grip, and a well-laid button pattern which evokes nostalgia for the traditional Xbox controller layout. The controller offers impressive touch responsiveness, somewhat mimicking the Xbox controller in many respects. But, let’s not sweep the drawbacks under the carpet – dead zones are an issue here.

A Detailed Analysis of Dead Zones and Their Impact on Gaming

While smoothly executing commands was expected, I noticed the ‘dead zones’ as I began using the stick. Dead zones are areas where no input is recognized, necessitating substantial movement before any response is induced from the controller.

For instance, as I nudged my analog stick gently, it took a bit to see any on-screen reaction. This could become a notable hindrance, especially for gaming enthusiasts who rely heavily on precision and timely responses.

On a positive note, 8-bit dough has a solution in place for this. By holding down the minus and plus buttons simultaneously for a second, the dead zone gets practically minimized. Yet, even after switching this mode on, it was evident some thumb movement is required before the commands get registered, though the magnitude of the dead zone decreased.

Suffice to say, while this isn’t a deal-breaker for casual players, avid gamers might find the controller slightly less sensitive than optimal for their gaming needs. This might take some getting used to, especially if you’re switching over from a controller with absolutely zero dead zone.

Overall Gaming Experience

In the grand scheme of things, the controller lends itself to be handy and user-friendly, with solid build and commendable, albeit not perfect, performance. It’s a good contender when you’re looking for extra controllers on a budget, without stripping away the essential features for a substantial gaming experience.

Judgement: 8Bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless Controller With Charging Dock

Buttons Review

  • Ultimate C Budget Controller offers ergonomic, responsive buttons.
  • Analog triggers enhance control and gaming experience.
  • Controller lacks specialized buttons, simplifying usage.

When it comes to the controls on the Ultimate C Budget Controller from 8-Bit Dough, it’s essential to isolate the experience that each button provides. Is it ergonomic? Do they give enough feedback? Let’s delve into that.

Comparing Buttons with Xbox Controller

The first thing you’ll notice is how similar these buttons are to the Xbox controller. They have a slightly convex shape that my thumbs intuitively locate, with the travel distance and the feedback feeling heartily familiar.

The satisfying clackity feel of the buttons offers a tactile response that makes gaming enjoyable. The easy readability of the action buttons is another strong point to note. On this controller, the letters are on a vivid contrast background which helps their visibility, even in a low-light environment.

Functionality of The Analog Triggers

What got me unusually impressed in this review was the functionality of the analog triggers. The range of motion is generous, which made for smooth control and mildly improved my gaming experience. The “dead zone” on the analog trigger is also less, as compared to the control sticks, which means you get a quicker response from minimal pressure. As a user, I must say, the triggers are fantastic for playing action or race games where precise control of these triggers can make a huge difference.

The top triggers have a solid snap to them, and their placement is ideal, requiring just a slight reach from the index fingers. The grip comfort wasn’t jeopardized, plus the resistance on the triggers was just right; not too hard, not too soft, just what you need.

However, the controllers do not have any other additional or specialized buttons, being a budget device. While this may leave avid gamers wanting more, it significantly simplifies things for everyday users and casual gamers who want a straightforward, “grab-and-play” experience.

A caveat worth noting

Although the overall functionality and feel of the buttons are quite commendable, it’s worth noting that the start and select buttons are quite small and placed rather close together. So, those with larger thumbs might find them a bit tricky to navigate.

In conclusion, the Ultimate C Budget Controller does remarkably well in this department, proving both comfortable and responsive to use. It provides an uncomplicated and straightforward control layout suitable for all types of players.

Rating: 8Bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless Controller With Charging Dock

Additions – D-Pad and Turbo

  • D-Pad provides well-balanced firmness and unhindered gaming.
  • Turbo feature enhances flexibility for rapid game inputs.
  • No support for Turbo speed adjustment or control remapping.

The D-Pad

Starting off with the D-Pad, I found the design to be quite amusing. It’s a nice throwback to the retro controllers which is an interesting touch added by 8-bit dough. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the well-balanced mix of firmness and travel that the D-Pad provides. Now, the placement might be a tad unconventional – reminiscent of an Xbox controller layout, but even then, the d-pad does manage to provide an unhindered gaming experience.

A key attribute of any good D-Pad is the ability to avoid errant diagonals when going from left to right rapidly. And on that front, the Ultimate C controller scores high marks, greatly enhancing the overall gaming experience, especially for those high-speed, action-packed gaming sessions.

The Turbo Feature

Moving onto the Turbo Feature now. This addition really amps up the flexibility of the controller for different types of games. And the process to enable it is relatively straightforward. You are generally expected to press a button once for each action, but the Turbo feature changes this dynamic by continuously registering an action. It can be very useful for games that require rapid inputs.

To enable it, you hold down the button for the desired action and then press ‘star’. Do note that this function is limited to the buttons and doesn’t apply to the analog controls. A limitation, perhaps, but given its target market – the casual gamers, I don’t think it introduces any significant inconvenience.

Note: To disable the Turbo function, you simply repeat the process.

Setting Expectations

However, before we give it a full thumbs up, it’s worth mentioning that you cannot adjust the Turbo speed, which might be a downside for some users. Also, this controller doesn’t support remapping of controls. Meaning, what you see is pretty much what you get although there are plenty of adjustments you can do in your games’ settings. One should keep these points in mind when considering the Ultimate C controller.

Overall, these additional features really add to the versatility of the controller, and while there’s certainly room for improvement, they bring a great value in terms of gameplay experience especially considering the price point.

Judgement: 8Bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless Controller With Charging Dock

Testing Input Lag

  • Ultimate C’s input lag is unnoticeable in games
  • Performance comparable to high-end, name-brand controllers
  • Excellent choice for casual gamers on a budget

When it comes to gaming, a key factor for a seamless experience is the controller’s response time – the input lag. An unnoticeable delay can drastically affect game performance, particularly in games where timing is everything. Let’s delve deeper into this aspect of the Ultimate C Budget Controller.

A Test to Measure Input Lag Against Other Controllers

To properly evaluate the performance of the Ultimate C, a side-by-side comparison with name-brand controllers was conducted using a high-speed camera set at 240 frames per second. The objective was simple, determine how long it took from when a button was pressed to the moment a corresponding action was registered on-screen.

How The Ultimate C Stacks Up

Pleasantly surprising, the Ultimate C performed admirably. The response time was comparable to that of a wired Xbox controller used for reference in the same test environment. The input lag, if any, was not noticeable, which was impressive for a budget controller. Importantly, any fears of potential sacrifice in performance due to the lower cost were laid to rest.

However, keep in mind that the input lag can also depend on the device you are using it with, so experiences might vary slightly. But for most standard uses and games, the Ultimate C controller delivers excellent performance.

In conclusion, the budget-friendly Ultimate C delivers a performance that can compare to higher-end, name-brand controllers. This makes it a great option, especially for casual gamers looking for a cost-effective solution without compromising on key gaming aspects.

Probe of 8Bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless Controller With Charging Dock

Final Thoughts

  • Ultimate C is a budget-friendly, high-performance controller
  • Appealing to casual gamers despite occasional dead zones
  • Compatible with Windows PCs and most X input devices

As we wrap up this comprehensive analysis, it’s fair to assert that the Ultimate C budget controller by 8-bit dough presents itself as a compelling option for price-conscious gamers.

Overall Performance

The controller’s impressive performance, ergonomic design, and the evident attention to detail on its construction make it an appealing choice. The robust build quality and the clever integration of standard features typically found in more expensive models give it a definitive edge.

Casual Gaming Experience

It was noted during usage that this controller seems to cater best to the casual gaming community rather than the hardcore gaming enthusiasts. The slight presence of dead zones in the control sticks could be a minor setback for enthusiasts seeking precision. However, for casual gamers and as a possible secondary controller, the Ultimate C controller handily meets the mark.

Device Compatibility

Despite its inability to work with some major platforms such as the Nintendo Switch and iOS devices, the Ultimate C thrives with compatibility in Windows PCs and most devices supporting X input and direct input. It’s quite a boon for players with varied gaming systems.

Value for Money

The affordable price point , coupled with the level of functionality that it offers, makes it a great value for the money. So, if you’re seeking a budget-friendly gaming controller that will not compromise on performance and design, the 8-bit dough Ultimate C controller could be a remarkable pick.

In essence, the Ultimate C may not be the jack of all trades, but for its price, it does a pretty commendable job of living up to its ‘Ultimate’ moniker.

Analyzing 8Bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless Controller With Charging Dock

Conclusion / Call to Action

In wrapping up this comprehensive review, it’s fair to say that the 8-bit dough Ultimate C budget controller makes a strong case for itself in terms of functionality and value. It’s certainly a strong contender in the market for budget controllers available today.

What It Does Well

The controller offers an impressively solid construction and responsive buttons, despite being a lower-cost product. Especially noteworthy is the controller’s outstanding compatibility with most devices and satisfying tactile feel that translates well into gameplay. The retro-inspired D-pad and clever turbo feature only serves to strengthen its appeal.

Where There’s Room For Improvement

However, it’s important to highlight the few shortcomings observed in my use. For example, the notable exclusion of compatibility with Nintendo Switch and iOS devices could limit its appeal for some users. Furthermore, the presence of a ‘dead zone’ on the controller sticks might be an issue that could potentially impact your gaming experience.

Who Should Consider This Controller?

All things considered, this controller is ideal for casual gamers seeking a responsive and economical controller for their gaming sessions. Additionally, if you’re looking for a good secondary controller, the Ultimate C from 8-bit dough is undoubtedly a smart pick.

Your Action Steps

If this review has convinced you that the Ultimate C Budget Controller is a good fit, then go ahead and take some time to do your own research. Look up additional consumer reviews, read up on the latest updates by 8-bit dough, and confirm if it suits your specific gaming needs. Remember, purchasing a gaming controller is a personal decision, and no single controller will be the perfect fit for everyone.

No matter the controller you choose, let’s all strive to make gaming a fun, and joy-filled experience. Happy gaming!

Should you buy the 8Bitdo Ultimate 2.4g Wireless Controller With Charging Dock?

Buy it if…

You’re a Casual Gamer

The Ultimate C by 8-bit dough is aimed at the casual gaming market, offering robust performance in terms of controller layout, build quality, and minimal input lag.

You Need an Affordable Gaming Controller

The controller comes at an impressive price point, perfect for those looking for an extra controller for their gaming rig that won’t break the bank.

You Prefer a Grippy and Solid Build

The controller offers a solid build quality along with a nice texture on the back for a good grip, giving it a high-quality feel.

Don’t buy it if…

You Need Bluetooth Compatibility

The wireless version doesn’t support Bluetooth and requires the use of its USB dongle to connect, which could limit compatibility for some devices.

You Have a Nintendo Switch or Apple Devices

The controller does not work with Nintendo Switch or iPads and iPhones, limiting its cross-device compatibility.

You’re a Gaming Enthusiast

The controller has a slight dead zone on its control sticks, which could disappoint some gaming enthusiasts seeking precision in game controls.


Can the 8-bit dough Ultimate C Budget Controller be used with the Nintendo Switch or iOS devices?
No, the controller is not compatible with the Nintendo Switch or iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads.
Is the cable length of the wired version of the controller replaceable or adjustable?
No. The wired version of the Ultimate C comes with a built-in wire that is not replaceable or adjustable.
Can the modes be switched while the controller is connected to a device?
No, to switch modes, you must hold down the B button (for Direct Input mode) or X button (for X Input mode) during connection to the device.
What is the issue with the dead zones on the Ultimate C controller?
The Ultimate C controller requires a bit of stick movement to register, which may be an issue for enthusiast gamers, though likely not a concern for a casual market.
Can all buttons be mapped to allow for a turbo function?
Yes, all buttons excluding the analog controls can be mapped for the turbo function.
Does the Ultimate C controller support software customization or remapping controls?
No, the Ultimate C controller does not support software customization or remapping of controls on the hardware side.

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